PDF document review demo

Review Request #4 — Created June 24, 2022 and updated


Power Pack extends Review Board, adding support for reviewing PDFs.

Source code is only one part of the software development process. RDs,
design proposals, end-user technical documentation, hardware designs, and
patent disclosures are just a few of the numerous documents that get
written, discussed, and edited along the way.

Power Pack brings the same powerful, lightweight review process to PDF
files that developers enjoy for their source code. All your development
history, such as design decisions in PRDs, mockups, usability
storytelling, source code, and user manuals, can all be stored in one
familiar place.

Not only can you review PDFs, but you can diff them helping reviewers see
how the document or design has changed.

Documents are displayed right in the browser without a need for any
plug-ins or extra software to be installed. Simply purchase a license,
and your entire company can get started reviewing documents.

This is just one of many premium features provided by Power

  2. You can leave comments directly on any region of a PDF to begin a discussion, just like on a diff.
  3. You can upload multiple revisions of a PDF and diff them. You'll see the full PDFs, side-by-side, with changes highlighted.