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The Review Board diff viewer is one of the best on the market. It has many ways to help
you look through a change and focus on what's important.

Here's just a few of the features we provide:

  • Detailed file index

    The file index lists all the files modified in the diff, along with a graph showing the
    relative number of inserts, deletes, and replaces.

    The thickness of the ring shows how much of the file is modified (and will be a full red
    or green circle, if the file is deleted or added).

    The colored dots on the side link to the matching changed chunks for that file.

  • Multi-line commenting

    Click a line number, or click and drag down several lines to comment on those lines.

  • Syntax highlighting

    Every diff is syntax-highlighted, making it easier to see, for instance, what's a string
    and what's a reserved keyword.

    This supports highlighting file formats of all kinds.

  • Collapsable diffs

    Diffs are shown collapsed, only showing what changed and the immediate lines around it.

    A header is shown above each change, showing the nearest function or class. Clicking on the
    header will show all unchangedl ines up to that function or class.

    Alternatively, click the [+] 20 to show 20 more lines, or the [+] to show all the lines
    hidden behind that header.

  • Moved code detection

    Significant code changes that move around a file are specially shown with little move flags
    saying where they went to or where they came from. You can rely on these to know that you
    don't need to give that code another look.

    For example, see how the __init__ function was moved in /r/2/diff/

  • Interdiffs

    When reviewing multiple iterations of a change, you can view an "interdiff," the diff
    between two diffs. It's easy to see what has actually changed. For example, see /r/2/diff/1-2/

  • Indentation change indicators

    When code is indented or un-indented, we show it cleanly without showing a full line change.
    These are shown by >>>> and <<<< markers on lines, which you can see in /r/2/diff/ and in

    Unlike most diff viewers, you won't have to waste your time examining every line that was
    indented, looking for changes.

    This will even differentiate between spaces and tabs. If someone accidentally indents
    the wrong way, you'll know.

  • See changes made within a line

    When replacing just part of a line, we highlight the changes, making it much easier to see
    the addition of a word, renaming of a variable, or even the accidental removal of a semicolon.

  • Download any file in the diff

    Simply click the little down arrow next to the "Revision" or "New Change" in the diff's
    header to download the full content of either the file on the left-hand side or right-hand

Click View Diff in the top-right to look at the diff for this review request
to play around with the diffs.